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: mitt romney also suspended campaigning tuesday but still traveled to the battleground state of ohio to encourage donations to the red cross. >> i appreciate the fact that people right here in dayton got up this morning, some went to the grocery store i see and purchased some things that these families will need. >> reporter: governor romney is back campaigning today holding three rallies across florida. but the president remains in disaster response mode. he'll survey storm damage with new jersey's republican governor chris christ yeempt among issues christie plans to bring up, how to build a more weatherproof jersey shore. >> one of the things i'll be talking to the president about tomorrow is bringy the army corps in immediately to talk to us about how's the best way to rebuild the jersey shore. >> reporter: despite election day on the horizon, christie didn't seem very concerned about how his state would hold an election. >> i don't give a damn about election day. it doesn't matter a lick to me, so let the politicians who are on the ballot worry about election day. it's not my pr
hurricane relief effort. the romney campaign loaded supplies on the bus in virginia to prepare to deliver them to local storm centers after the storm hits. >> i know right now some people in the country are nervous about the storm to hit the coast. our thoughts are with those people, and our prayers are with the people in harm's way. >> reporter: safety. >> fact is, keeping people alive first. >> reporter: will the storm impact the race? >> well, i hope it's not going to affect the voters by election day. >> reporter: it could. in virginia where there's a virtual tie, voters who may be affected by the storm can now vote absentee in person. while storm preparations have been going on, so has the campaign. the president in nashville and new hampshire reminded voters of fees that went up while romney was the governor of massachusetts. >> he raised fees to get a birth certificate which would have been expensive for me. >> reporter: afterwards, he made a stop at a common man's pub. >> to america. doesn't matter what party. >> and already this once in a lifetime storm has significantly affected
people. as a result of people taking an effort. >> romney has a scheduled campaign stop in florida, towe will have live coverage november 6th at 8:00 p.m. and also stay updated on our website kron 4 .com we will be right back. >>pam: san francisco is preparing for the world champions. they will be parading through the streets with team coverage tonight, tomorrow. it is a kron 4 exclusive. this photograph showing a giants fan vandalizing a public bus is not him. we will hear his side of the story, coming up. . %blñwó the >> preparations under way for a giants celebration. >> this is a family. , the world championship will have it the world civic center plaza and thousands will flood the streets. devastation across the east coast with sandy continuing this path of destruction and frustrated travelers. at least 114 flights were canceled from s f o. that were east bound. >> tonight at 6 the excitement is building for a world-class parade. for the world champions of baseball. we are going live to terisa estacio and this area will be the center stage for all of the actually, tomorrow. >> thi
new home at a museum right near kennedy space center. we are back in just a few moments. >> decision 2012. it is 4:24. just four days until the election and president obama and challenger mitt romney our company and seven the swing states. trying to make up for lost time. wrapping up their attacks. >> on the closing days of this campaign the governor romney has been using all of his talents as a salesman to dress up the same policies that have filled our country so badly. these same policies that we have been cleaning up and -- failed our country. >> there is no question that we cannot have another four years like the last four years. i know that they are chanting for more years, four more years but our chant is five more days, five more days. president obama got and amazing endorsement from a nearby bloomberg. how and independent michael bloomberg. bloomberg pronouncement in and ope ed piece using this week's extreme weather to highlight the president's stance on climate change. mayor blumberg says president obama developed a strong environmental record during his first term in offi
at home. that's the right path. so read my plan, compare it to governor romney's... and decide which is better for you. it's an honor to be your president... and i'm asking for your vote... so together, we can keep moving america forward. i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >>> good morning. dress for breezy, chilly weather. sprinkles showing up in the areas in green, north-northeast and north-northwest. they will continue to move to the east. highs mid-50s. tomorrow, we'll have still a bit of a blustery wind. chilly into the weekend. >>> 7:30 now on a thursday morning. november 1st, 2012. we're looking at some of the scenes of people trying to commute into new york city. doesn't look too bad right there. but there have been major traffic backups. new system in effect. you've got to have three people in your car to even be allowed on manhattan island. we're going to have more on that and struggles of this area just ahead. i'm matt lauer alongside savannah gurthrie in studio 1-a. >>> one of the crippling effects of the storm, the flooding of new york city's underground tunnel
this time? >> well, that's right. that's the balance they are trying to make now. you heard governor romney nobody wants to put the personal political above the american people as he was trying to make that bipartisan pitch. well, both of them are very sensitive and don't want to look political at this moment. the campaigns have been kicking each oprah under the table ever since this thing started. there is a fight on the ads. you heard joe biden fight. there is a big -- fight in ohio over the car bailout. the campaigns are still going on. they just don't want to let it bubble up to the surface. basically by tomorrow morning, we will be back into pull swing here. this is a frantic time for both campaigns. a pause is something they want to get over with fast. >> you have written the storm touches on -- what this campaign from the beginning has been about. >> that's right. i mean this is about the role of government and what it is for, whether there is enough money to do the job it is supposed to do. it is -- serious question of what we asked the federal government to d
. president obama hailed the job growth as a sign the economy is moving in the right direction. he called it real progress but said there is more work to do. mr. obama has been campaigning in ohio all day but is heading back here to washington tonight. >>> mitt romney doesn't see it that way. he says the report indicates the economy is at a standstill. at a rally in wisconsin today, he told supporters mr. obama in his words never truly understood how jobs are created ithe economy. from wisconsin romney moved on to multiple campaign stops in ohio. analysts say he must win ohio to win the presidency. the latest polls show a tight race there. president obama having a slight advantage over mr. romney. >>> wl, with just four days now to go, both candidates are choosing their final campaign stops carefully. in battleground virginia it will play a prominent role again this weekend. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey tells us what both sides are doing now to win the commonwealth. >> reporter: with four days to go campaign offices are gearing up for their most intense weekend of all. the f
mitt romney are making non-stop appearances in ight ssates that are still up for gr. grabs. president obama made his case to voters in las vegaa. he echoed the slogan from his changg to ammrica.right now, we could beeputtinn more ffoks more roads bridges, expanddng - broadband to rural neighborhoods, making sure our pchools are stateeoo the art. pet's put merican's back to worr doing the work that needs to be done.mitt romney hit back on the president's "change" theme during a campaign stoppin roanoke, virginii.there's no question in my view that we really like the last four years. thh obama folls are hanting four more yearss four more years, bbt our cchat is this five more dayss five more days is our chant...(applause).romney pdlivers hht hhs campaign says is his ""cosing argument" toddy during a stop inn pisconsin. then he's off to ohio for two rallies.obama will also be in ohio -- where he'll hold ttree grassroots the white hoose.. the candidates and their runninn mates will move through the eeghttbattleground states over the final five days in a game of campaign chess. hey ar
. and we are not quite purple, as ohio is your under the right circumstances, republicans can win our state. >> join us later tonight when presidential nominee mitt romney speaks at a campaign rally in jacksonville, florida. >> indiana has made incredible progress for the last few years. the balance budgets during all of those years, we become the fiscal entity and we have a large budget surplus. going to make it possible for us to strengthen our budget reserves and i believe we can cut taxes for everyone. but john, you decide we pay for things in indiana. when you were speaker for five or six years, indiana with $700 million in debt. we had a deficit of $820 million. facts are stubborn things. i would just like to know from my colleagues how we are going to make sure and preserve the fiscal integrity of the state of indiana. >> congressman, if you had spent the last 12 years in indiana, you would know better but it has to be balanced in indiana, according to our constitution. i have balanced and produced bipartisan balanced budget. i find it laughable that a united states congressman would
. >> unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took office. >> romney told supporters in wisconsin the president failed to deliver. >> he said that he was going to lower the unemployment rate to 5.2%. today we learned that it's actually 7.9%. that's 9 million jobs short of what he promised. >> the labor department said the unemployment rate rose 7.9%, up from 7.8% in september. but the report also showed that voters added 171,000 jobs in october and hiring is stronger than first reported in august and september. the longer term trend is also a mixed bag. >> we've got about 160,000 new jobs per month over the past two years which is enough to sort of keep pace, maybe edge unemployment down, but not enough to quickly repair the damage from the great recession. >> so what's all of this mean to the election outcome? >> most americans have already made up their minds about the candidates and certainly about the state of the economy. news from the labor department is not likely to change that. >> about 4% of likely voters remain undecided and it's not clear whether these latest numbers wil
and that has to worry them. >> you're right, it's a dead heat and nobody can deny at that despite the fact that people on both sides, obama campaign people and romney campaign people, and you see the carl rows piece and the numbers that rove quoted are national polling numbers. there's been a big discrepancy between the national numbers and state numbers. according to the national numbers, dead heat or romney slightly ahead, but the state by state breakdowns are showing that obama has the edge. stuart: i don't know how you can account for that. how can you have one candidate in the lead nationally, but behind in the key states like ohio? i don't know how that could work out, quite frankly, i don't get it. >> you're right, it can't work and that's why basically people are picking and choosing, are they going with the national or the state numbers. there's a the lot of reasons why it could be. for one thing the national pollsters have been around for a while, you know, they've got their methodology and the state polling is done by different methodologist, we'll find out november 6th who is r
, charlie, i'm with governor christie on one thing, it is very difficult to think about these polls right now when you look at the pictures that we've just been seeing, this devastation. the interesting thing in this poll is that governor romney seems to be moving in florida and virginia ever so slightly, but president obama is holding the lead that he has held in ohio. i was going to say at the start of this morning, i think that's because of the success of the auto bailout that had a big impact in ohio. but just as i was thinking about saying that, then i get this poll that comes in from michigan, not our poll, but the "detroit news" poll, which suggested it's closer than ever now in michigan, where neither side was even advertising before. now i understand they're both making buys in michigan. this race is so close, charlie, it's hard to say why anything is the way it is this morning. >> makes it more exciting. >> yeah. so, bob, you thisee president oa is going to be touring new jersey with governor chris christie, who has been one of president obama's sharpest critics, and yet the two
and ann romney, what did tonight on c- span as well. a lot of things settled for tomorrow. pennsylvania of the next. on our line for democrats, hello. caller: good morning. i am in suburban philadelphia. right over the city line. i will be voting for becasey for senator. -- i will be voting for casey. he is one of these tea party activists. who is trying to turn this state and weighty party stronghold. and with the voter id law that was struck down, we are one to reject him and send him walk to the dark ages where they belong. host: what about him to like the bus? having his moderate. host: what do you like about him in the most? caller: he is moderate. you know that just doesn't do it for me. host: william is in orlando on our line for republicans. caller: good morning. i think our choice is very clear. i am of voting for romney but i am also voting for, and math hooverville -- i am also voting for connie mack over bill nelson. they have caused gridlock. and i have to laugh with the democrat john about gridlock. they are the ones that caused it. they are the ones that say -- we need to
. green melon -- green mountain coffee 7% higher. we will be right back. connell: here we are just five days to go. dagen: picking up something that mr. varney was talking about earlier. does this stall mr. romney's momentum? >> i lived in washington, d.c., you guys are in new york, i know a lot of the viewers are in places like connecticut and new jersey, i have never seen the private sector step forward so much. people are acting neighborly and charitably towards their fellow man. it is a great thing to see. we do not always need government to step in and solve these problems. most of the heroic things have been done by businesses, families and churches. president barack obama has dealt with this crisis. it did not hurt that the governor of new jersey, you know, had very complimentary things to say about him. we will see if this caused a bit of a stall in the bit from a momentum we have seen over the last few weeks. connell: we stopped to asking questions like that the past couple days, for obvious reasons. we try to look at these sites that aggregate the polls. on average now it is a
of schedule. mitt romney cancelled his weekend events in virginia instead spending sunday with his running mate paul ryan on a bus tour through ohio. >> know right now some people in the country are a little nervous about a storm about to hit the coast and our thoughts and prayers are with the people who will find themselves in harm's way. >> reporter: the president is flexing the muscle of incumbency. he spent you sunday afternoon at fema headquarters in washington. >> we want to make sure we're anticipating and leaning forward into making sure that we got the best possible response to what is going to be a big and messy system. >> reporter: asked whether the storm could affect early voting the president said that remains to be seen. >> we don't anticipate that at this point but we'll take a look. >> reporter: the storm has shaken up the campaign calendar. the president's only event is in orlando after which he'll return to the white house. vice president biden cut short a new hampshire campaign swing diverting to ohio. >> the last thing the president and i want to do is campaigning getti
. >> reporter: the poll out this morning shows romney with a two point lead nationwide but some other state polls in swing states show the president continuing to hold onto his leads. reporting live from washington dc. >> all right. there are new report that as many as half of all california voters will vote by mail. requests for mail in ballots this year, top those in 2008. that's when 40% of voters voted by mail. that means some of the closest races may not be decided until days after the election. mail in ballots take longer to count because the signature on the envelope has to be compared the one on the voter card. >> the sister company of the pharmacy linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak has announce a voluntary recall of all it's producks. they say no problems have been reported but it's complying a fda request to improve its testing process. officials warn the recall could lead to a shortage of medication. they have the same owners as the center that sent out sterioded linked to meningitis. >>> google is one of three large united states companies that the british government wants
. governor mitt romney's campaign announced they are canceling all events this evening and tomorrow out of sensitivity for those in the path of hurricane sandy. you talk about preparations for the most part right now it is minor, seeing where this is going to hit, where we can possibly get the most of the damage. that puts bottles of water and blankets in different locations. back to you. dennis: will have president obama statement on the storm in about 40 minutes. cheryl: who want to bring in the chief meteorologist. kind enough to join us once again. the most recent update showing us the storm surges are beginning to overtake the east t side of manhattan at this point and the jersey shore. those are actually much higher than anticipated. >> they will be very high. this is going to be a disaster. as a matter of fact i suggest they change the name. this is what whether bell has been saying all along. our clients have known about this for over a week. last sunday we issued the first forecast. it was going to intensify, and it did. the barometric pressure is now a category four parametric
, republicans are very energized right now. i think getting out and responding, you're seeing record visits by the republican candidate, mitt romney as well as his running mate, paul ryan. >> describe the ground game for republicans and what you need to have in place in order to win the seat of colorado? >> the ground game typically used are building your ground game about six months out from the election. clearly our candidate mitt romney was still engaged in our primary fight. what you need to have in place are thousands of volunteers dispersed amongst the i-25 corridor, and some communities on the western slope of colorado. this battle in the trenches will be determined who wins colorado. years ago, they had a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. that has been negated and made by the republicans. where can republicans get ahead? guest: absentee is the mainstay. registration advantage is to the republicans by about 40,000 active voters and that is the key number of active voters. right now you are seeing a disproportionate amount of republicans returning their absentee ballots which is histor
to call for right now but ohio, virginia and new hampshire. in ohio this may be the most important state and obama has 50%. and virginia obama has just a 1 percent lead over mitt romney. and i was the president has a 6% to lead and romney has--the president leaves in the states but it is still within the margin of error in most cases from a is in striking distance. >> if we want to remind you that kron 4 will have an extended coverage on election night at 8:00 p.m.. you can stay updated on >> we will be d >> it is now a 40 4:00 a.m.. >> this is the time for a possible oscar nominating fans. next week i will be telling you about a new james bond movie. there is a new hitchcock movie. there is just so much for me to tell you about. the movies have to be out two weeks before the end of the year to qualify for oscar nominations. >> they have to come out in theaters where people pay to see them. let's talk about 2 movies that came out yesterday. some actors are so good and convincing. this is called late quartet. >> the for our bandit by their music. this is fine acting and this is
. but it is very a much an act in progress. >> we will take one more question because she has to leave. right here. >> i'm understand that you have to head off to the federal emergency management agency. so, i must ask you -- understand that mitt romney suggested we need cuts in the federal government and even suggested fema might be a place to start. >> i just can't respond to that. all i know is i've got a bunch of folks, hundreds that have been working 24/7 for days now and in the foreseeable future and i've got them here and the field working with new jersey and new york and up into new england and west virginia and all of places impacted by this huge natural event and i'm going to focus on making sure they have the support they need to do their jobs and if they do their jobs well it will help everyone with the recovery from this really serious storm so let's focus on what's here and now and what we have to do to get the job done. >> fema isn't going away? >> not at all. i'm sorry but i just don't want to get into responding to the candidate speak. i want to talk about the fact that fema now h
do you see. >> it is a dead even race in ohio, gretchen and what has affected the romney surge has been his closing a tremendous gap that existed with women. team obama has overplayed their hand in thinking that women were only concerned about abortion rights and constraacception when many people are worried about jobs and education of their children. they are soldiers and mothers of soldiers and wife was soldiers and they have a real about in matters like benghazi . so as that gap has closed. the race tightened to a dead even race and i think the race in ohio is going to be one or loss in the 19counties that are in the columbus media market. >> gretchen: ohio is so important. but regions within ohio is so important and it could come down to the center of the state which is columbus as you are explaining. usually the north tend to go for obama and southern part of the state for romney. so what happen in columbus? >> the changing demographics in columbus, obama won it convincingly in 2008, and george w. bush won it in 2004 with a strong showing in the southeast. it looks as if the r
clarify for me or you suggesting that mitt romney in the debate where he used the reference of big bird that he wasn't talking about the big bird from sesame street that i understand you right on that? - when president obama first raised the issue what he is really saying is we have to watch out for the big yellow word which is china. as the mitt romney is the one that brought it up. >> he brought it up second. >> mr. sanders can you respond to what mr. moss said? sanders: in the transportation bill we are going to bring in over $400 million into the state of vermont to rebuild our roads and bridges and put money in and create a whole lot of jobs and the last few years we've greatly expanded community health centers for hundred thousand 20 vermonters are accessing the primary health care through community health centers creating jobs there as well. we have expanded veterans' programs in the state of vermont so that is all over the state created jobs. >> moderator: let's talk about gridlocks we've already mentioned it and we will start with you. what are you going to do to try to break t
for the right reasons to deal with the crisis. chris christie was the keynote speaker at the republican convention, he is a key ally of mitt romney. did that image hurt the romney campaign? >> well, i'm sure it caused angst back stage. in the obama campaign, they said we have chris christie at our side with extraordinary images, but again, both sides will say we now know where the votes are, we know there are very few undecided. what we have to do is get them to the polls and on time tuesday. >> as they try to get people to the polls tuesday, they make their closing arguments, we know what they are. mitt romney says i am the agent of change, president obama is saying you know me, you know what i'm standing for. how effective are the arguments? >> at this point i think everybody knows the arguments. i think the country is ready to have the election over, matt, and they've pretty much made up their minds. we'll see. governor romney today is going to have everybody but his third cousin in ohio with him. they're going to have enormous push, designed to get people out at that time. the groun
. >> stephanie: right. >> you have to see the photo shop picture, because the sign says mitt romney they add several letters. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: they are not even good athoto shop.. nono >> what is l lt t you can't fake it well? [ laughter ] >> we knew this was likely to be the most expensive election season ever. the numbers ares and on the initialling. the total price tag $6 billion. the presidential election alone accounts for at least $2.6 billion which would be a little bit less than 2008 a total of $2.8 billion spent four years ago, but then talk a about house and senate candidates $1.2 billion, house spending up senate spending down a little bit, and then $970 million by outside groups like super pacs and non-profits. it's all estimated math but that's where the estimate is right now, and what is important to keep in mind is the hundreds of millions of dollars we don't know about because there are groups like cross road's and the chamber of commerce which said they are doing issue advocacy work and don't have to report how much they are spending
the republicans. how are they supposed to win? >> they're supposed to win by reacting to it. mitt romney right now realizes the importance of ohio to this is campaign. we've talked about it. we've talked about how obama can win without ohio. romney cannot really win without ohio. so what does he do, cenk? he goes in there like a lawyer making his final arguments before a jury. you know this. you're a lawyer. i don't know if you stood in a courtroom but you just throw it all out there. let the jury decide at the end. it doesn't matter the lies. it doesn't matter the crap you give them. you have to tell your story. this is a desperation move. listen with mitt romney, he's tried to tell every truth he can tell or lie he can tell about his position on the auto industry. nobody's buying it. right now he's going in at the end and just saying lies, lies, lies and take it for what you will. >> cenk: look, first of all to answer your question i did stand in a:00 all the way in the back as an intern for the prosecutor's office.
to correct there. he referred to a gallup poll that has mitt romney up a little bit, right? but i don't want people to think well the polls say one thing the markets another. the reason the markets say president obama is going to win because that poll is an outliar and national poll witness be polls in the electoral battleground actually have president obama winning right? >> that's exactly what he was saying. these guys follow lines and sporting events. they were great to let us come in and do this. for me, it was incredibly cool place just to be. what he was saying is that it might seem contradict arery to some when you see that gallop poll. he knows those money guys are following the polls we see at the state level by the way national polls now. the gallop poll is an outliar and one of nine or 10 national polls, the others a different story. >> cenk: the closer we get to election is you guys were alluding to, the more certain the markets become and the more certain polls become. one of the reasons the main reason the polls are not a certainty is because things can change in the next five
it -- are you going to be touring the storm damage with romney? >> we've got that coming up in right-wing world. >> stephanie: shut that down! i could care less about that. yes, bold, fresh courageous! boom! [ applause ] >> i wasn't the only one who noticed the irony of watching the storm hit at asbury park, new jersey, home of bruce springsteen. one of the early hits was sandy. there goes sandy right behind the reporters. >> many people on twitter made the connection as well. >> sent us some photos. maybe we can post some of those. >> stephanie: all right. yeah. >> again it just looks like beautiful fall foliage. >> stephanie: the leaves look nice. >> branches down. >> stephanie: so when you are hallucinating on your cold goofers, i was like is that chris christie saying nice things about the president? then i thought it was an onion headline. michael brown says the president reacted too quickly? [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: that's a joke, right? arabian horse's ass from fema. did a heck of a job.
across that water that is flooding new york right now they would still vote for romney. >> stephanie: i was saying just last week, literally you had sununu saying colin powell only endorsed him because he's black. sarah palin accused him of shucking and jiving. >> stephanie: donald trump -- jump through hoops for him. the racism is blatant. >> lordy. >> produce your college transcripts, i'll give your charity $5 mmm. >> stephanie: i couldn't be president. you know what, y'all, you can do to my big black presidential -- all right. >> even the list of potential charities was insulting. inner city youth you know what i'm talking about. >> there is one college document that i would love to see of yours. what is that? >> stephanie: your booking photo of when you were arrested. [ ♪ dramatic ♪ ] >> stephanie arrested? what? >> stephanie: at usc i was -- >> i have to leave now folks. >> can't be seen with you. >> stephanie: i was in possession of a six-pack. >> no. was it elvira's night brew? >> st
romney inaugural tickets now. it is just this -- you're right. he's won. congratulations, we did it. >> if he didn't, it is kenyan indonesian voodoo. >> stephanie: fox news. martha mccollum. straight news. >> for people who are receiving these kinds of checks. we should point out that you know if it's deservedly so, nobody has a bone to pick with that. it is a legitimate question. why would it be in 2012 that so many more people are disabled in this country and i think that's worth asking. but if you are getting the checks and you think that there's any inkling that might change if you didn't vote for president obama you're probably going to vote for him. >> stephanie: is she implying some people with disabilities are faking it to get the money? >> to get the checks and the parking spot. this is part of a much -- part of the larger conspiracy that obama has wanted to expand the federal government, expand food stamps expand unemployment. he wants high unemployment because all of those people will have to vote for
, and they get people like mitt romney in office saying bad government, what a joke right mark? here is another $500 million from the american people. run your crappy company based on whatever contract you get. let's go to lee fong who wrote the story about it, the community writer, the erring fell low at the nation institute as well. lee, tell me about the cap first of all before we go to the scooter stores of the world how they are connected and how it could make a difference if mitt romney is elected to those investors. >> thanks for having me. a lot of folks are concerned that donors will be able to cash out on the romney presidency. but basic hi they've positioned themselves as a nexus for this type of crony capitalism that you're talking about. a lot of tag romney's business partners are invested in all types of different companies that are predicated on billing the government, many of them have been accused of overbilling or defrauding the government like the scooter store. whoever occupies the white house next year basically whatever they decide to do will make or break these companies
, mark can give us some incite on what is going on right now. thank you so much for joining us inside "the war room." >> thank you, governor. >> jennifer: how so far is the president -- mitt romney is a different matter but the president and his administration handling the response to hurricane sandy. >> so far it really looks like a textbook response. the president has done the right thing. he is the commander in chief. it's his responsibility to ensure the federal government has done everything they can do. he is back in d.c. and selected a fema administrator out of florida who is probably one of the best responders that the agency has seen. all of the federal agencies appear to be stepping up. they are in line. as you remember governor there are connections between the local government state government and the sources that are desperately needed. >> jennifer: can you remind people who are watching who may not be in the disaster area why fema is so important. >> you have heard, governor all disasters are local. and the response is definitely a local event. often fema g
education, health care same-sex marriage, women's abortion rights, and so that's the case that he made. >> bill: a significant endorsement, i think. >> although he said -- two things that were interesting, number one that he might well have endorsed romney if it had been the mitt romney who had been governor of massachusetts. >> bill: because he is governor of massachusetts, for example, he banned assault weapons. >> okay. >> bill: right? >> yeah, but his point was -- he said it was a different candidate. >> bill: now he is for assault weapons so go figure. >> he also said he had been really disappointed in the last four years. he wasn't saying president obama had been the best president ever, but he said pressed to choose, president obama has come down on the right side of his mind. >> i'll take the endorsement. >> bill: yes. we know the big news about hurricane sandy is the biggest news we have had but hitting a week before the campaign there is also a political side to hurricane sandy. looking at bloomberg's endorsement, wouldn't you have to say if there were a
cash as billionaires pump the big bucks into romney's campaign, it remains to be seen what celebrity currency can buy. >> jennifer: all right everybody. that's it for our show tonight. thank you so much for joining us here in "the war room." you have a great night.
didn't know he was black. >> cenk: all right, we have to leave it right there. when we come back we'll talk about climate change, and there is a devastating ad against mitt romney on that as well. >> president obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. my promise is to help you and your family. [ cheering ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] sane. >> cenk: we will we've got all these conservative super pacs running ads against progressive causes. now that we have people striking back people who believe in climate change are running this ad against romney. >> president obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. my promise is to help you and your family. [ cheering ] >> cenk: that's a pretty devastating ad. now north carolina city after suffering through sandy is thinking, well, this thing is so real we've got to start taking precautions to which i say of course! >> experts now wonder if the massive storm surge that flood lower manhattan and washed away parts of the jersey shore could have been solved by sea barriers. now two engineering firms are preparing mas
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